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Stand Up & Dance

Hip Hop Dance Center - Stand Up & Dance

Welcome to It’s different from other dance site because it will stay in one place and will show you where you need to go all around the world dancing or battling and even more because added to that an entire Stand Up Comedy section is dedicated to that purpose also.







Most people start with a question like:



  • Where is it possible to practice?
  • When is the next battle?
  • How can I get a sound system?
  • Who is the hottest comedian in town?
  • Where can I see his/her show?
  • Where is the best Comedy Club?


This site will introduce you potentialy to all of these answers, places and more, available in the map and visitors will have the possibilty to access update schedule of event and a fine selection of mixtapes and videos.

Hi there! My name is Sidy Seye and I’ll be your host on this site where you’re free to ask, everything Hip Hop Dance and Stand Up Comedy.

If I don’t have an answer yet I’ll make sure to find it as soon as possible.

You’re all welcome to talk and share the passion of these art form on forum topic to comment and please feel free to suggest or submit any Event, Mixtapes, Comedian profile and/or Comedy Show, Comedy Clubs and Training Spots, Battles or Videos which you think should be worth for the community to be publish on Hip Hop Dance Center.

Thanks a lot.

Sidy Seye

Hip Hop Dance Center – Stand Up & Dance

As a new website user, you should go and visit each page and express your opinion about new pages or content. Have fun!

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